Imperialism and Photography

Colonial Rule, Missionary Vision and Counter-Practices

presented by Andrea Stultiens, Gerlov van Engelenhoven
guest speakers Sara Blokland, Walter Costa, George Mahashe, Dzifa Peters, Markha Valenta, Carine Zaayman
The world as we know it today has been shaped by centuries of colonization, imperial rule, global trade and extractive and exploitative human relationships. Grappling with the position of photography in societies requires close examination of the colonial legacy and how it is interlinked with the photographic medium. What can a decolonial, postcolonial or anti-colonial visual practice look like? How to address the historical trajectory and burden of imperialism and find ways out, around, through and living with these histories? What positions and methods are available?

As part of the symposium Reframing PJU, the online presentation of an ongoing and open ended research project initiated by Andrea Stultiens, will be launched. The project investigates the affordances of a collection of photographs in the collection of the Nederlands Fotomuseum, that was produced on the African continent between 1932 and 1962 by Paul Julien (NL, 1901-2001). See this Facebook event for more information.

image courtesy Andrea Stultiens, from work in progress Reframing PJU 

Royal Academy of Art,   Prinsessegracht 4, 2514 AN The Hague
27 May 2021 - 28 May 2021
11:00 AM - 7:00 PM  CET  
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Organized by Thomas Bragdon, Marica Kolcheva & Chris Becher