Persons and Structures

Individuality and Conformity in Social Structures

presented by Thomas Bragdon, Thijs van Stigt
guest speakers Gita Cooper-van IngenShadman ShahidDaniël Siegersma, Bregje Termeer

What it means to be a person is ambiguous. It can mean your unique individuality, but it can also mean the social function that you conform to in daily life. Both types of identity reflect various types of photography, such as portrait and landscape photography. As soon as one pictures a person from one angle, the other angle - the other type of identity - retreats to the background and vanishes. How can a photographer address identity in photography?

Image NYC public school boys' shower room - 1913
 'School Sanitation'; Pittsburgh, PA: Standard Sanitary, Mfg. Co. 1913.

Royal Academy of Art,   Prinsessegracht 4, 2514 AN The Hague
27 May 2021 - 28 May 2021
11:00 AM - 7:00 PM  CET  
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Organized by Thomas Bragdon, Marica Kolcheva & Chris Becher